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Bodyguard Kiev
Public people are constantly on the secular and social events and travel a lot, are in the cities in which they have not previously traveled. They need someone who would care about their safety, even when there are no obvious threats. The man who would regularly accompanied them during their journey to road transport and provided additional security, had a good driving experience and helps you avoid hazards. People to ensure the safety of others, must have a special permit that allows them to interact with a firearm, able to use radio. Close protection officer must have all possible IDs, you need a permit to possess a special ability to store service weapon. In addition to these physical skills, the importance is still legal training who's aimed to protect. They should know the law, responsibilities, every single detail, executed in according security activities.

If you need bodyguard Kiev (bodyguard Ukraine), security services, close protection, careful watching, I suggest to refer to the company Saturn (Сатурн). Many clients who are going to visit Kiev, Ukraine, need to be sure about their own safety and protection.

Contacts :

Dragomirova str, off 10/10 Kiev, Ukraine.

tel. (044 ) 286 - 94 - 05/07


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